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ACEThatch® is the first to have a fiberglass reinforced flexible binder that revolutionizes the Synthetic and Artificial Thatch industry. Competitors are still doing the old fashion way..! By using the ACEThatch® FlexBinder© vs. traditional metal binder strips, ACEThatch® shingles give you the following advantages:

  • Installs up to 60% faster than traditional steel binder shingles​.
  • Eliminate the need for specially bent pieces (i.e. Gable, Valleys, Hip & Cones)
  • Eliminates the risk of electrical transfer during the event of lightning storms

Custom Colors & Profile

ColorMatch / ProfileMatch

(For Custom Orders Only) Finally, you can specify the exact shade of color or profile used in each ACEThatch® shingle. Just let us know your color or profile preference and our engineers will match it prior to the manufacturing process. This ensures precise results for your one of a kind custom project. 

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