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Carribean Palm Thatch

Caribbean Palm Thatch

ACE Thatch & Bamboo Inc. is the builder of some of the world’s most iconic Caribbean Thatch roofs. Scientific name Sabal Palmetto AKA cabbage, palm, swamp cabbage. Caribbean palm thatch is native to the Southern United States and the West Indies. The leaves from this tree are and have been used as a natural roof covering for centuries, it is the most used natural/organic roofing material in the world. In America, it was and still is used by the Indigenous Native American Tribes namely Florida Seminole & Miccosukee. Depending on the skill level of the thatcher, the degree of roof angle, and the climate where it is installed, natural custom Caribbean palm thatch can last 5 to 9 years. ACE Thatch & Bamboo is a certified # 1 thatch roofing company in the USA. It doesn’t matter where your project is or the type of thatch roofing material you desire, we work with Master Thatcher’s from around the world supplying and installing all types of organic and synthetic/artificial thatch roofing materials. ACE Thatch & Bamboo Caribbean Palm Thatch can be used on a tropical home roof, poolside cabana, beachside thatched umbrella, thatched gazebo, summer kitchen, a huge Tiki Bar, Chickee Hut, or large Tiki Hut. With Caribbean Palm Thatch a sub-roof is not required. It is installed by hand, weaving, overlaying, and fastening each palm leaf to horizontal battens with or without nails. Installation method depends on the look desired and the shills of the thatcher this type of roof creates a beautiful and durable roof that provides a laid back relaxing tropical look and feel. It is cool on hot summer days but has low insulating qualities if the use of AC or heat is desired. We suggest a 45° roof angle for this type of thatch roof. All of ACE Thatch & Bamboo, Inc.’s custom natural thatch roofing materials are sustainable and 100% green at their best.