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At any and every level of your project, we have you covered.
Trust, integrity, expertise, and professionalism reign supreme
at A.C.E. – and we have a track record to prove it!


We understand the complexities involved in constructing a vision, and sometimes all you need is a one-on-one to connect the pieces of the puzzle. Our consultation services can cover any part of your project and extend from start to finish.


A great idea may start at the bare bones, and you just need the right individuals to outline, measure, and scope the project. We can begin at the foundation and accelerate beyond, so you can rest assured that our experts projections are on target.

custom work

When you're creating a one-of-a-kind design, you can feel confident and comfortable knowing our team can handle your project from every diameter. We measure, sketch, and build custom framing, columns, structures, poles and log materials.


Bringing the vision to life can be hands-on, and we don't hesitate to tackle large to enterprise projects. Our professional designers are detail oriented in laying out the specifications to ensure plans are drawn accurately.


An eye for detail is required when perfecting a masterpiece, and every structure is reviewed by our Master Thatchers to ensure installations are built to last. We take pride in our work and strive to exceed our clients' expectations.


The process of manufacturing an extensive project is never daunting for our team. We have offsite facilities to assist with fabricating materials on time and in budget. So, there's no such thing as too large for the A.C.E. team!


Beneath the beauty should always be a strong foundation, and our team of certified general contractors provide exceptionally sound structures. From frameworks of thatch roofing to wooden rollercoasters, we raise the bar in constructing durable and sustainable material.

Fire Retarding

Through research and development, we have made advancements to fire retarding materials. We're committed to combatting fires before they start, and our specialist focus is on fireproofing and fire retardant systems, as well as ensure alignment with local & national fire code requirements.