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Mexican Raincape Thatch

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Raincape is made from Palm Leaves that are stripped, tied and woven into a flexible Thatch panel all by hand. Despite the name, it is not waterproof, but it provides excellent shade covering for canopies and roofs.  Each 4'x3' panel will cover 9 sq ft at minimum recommended overlap and can be glued, nailed or stapled.  Each panel is approx 5 lbs.

Also, available round Palm Leaf Umbrella Covers.

*Minimum order of (6) Panels Regular Size
*Minimum order of (4) Panels Special Size

* Does Raincape Thatch mildew?  This is a natural material and therefore subject to the environment in which it is used.
* How long would Rain Cape Thatch last outside?  
   1-2 years.  Angle of roof (roof pitch) affects life span.

*Prices Below*

1. $105.00------4' x 3' (6 panels)
2. $190.00------4' x 3' (12 panels)
3. $46.00--------13' L X 18" W (4 panels) Special Price
4. $125.00-------7' Umbrella Cover
5. $145.00-------9' Umbrella Cover
6. $165.00-------12' Umbrella Cover
7. $270.00-------4' x 3' (6pcs)ext fire retardant
Common uses:
Raincape is used to create an authentic Palm Thatch look on roofs or umbrella frames. It is available in a natural finish or pretreated finish with interior or exterior grade Fire Retardant. It is most commonly used indoors.
Certified #1 in the Thatch Roof Industry

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