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Dekriet Reed Thatch Tile

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The Reeds are harvested by hand and encapsulated in a reinforced, flexible binding on one side. This beautiful Dekriet Reed Thatch is solid throughout, requires no special maintenance and the life expectancy depends upon your climate and angle of roof pitch.

*Minimum order (6) Tiles & sold in crements of (6).*

* Does Thatch mildew?  This is a natural material and therefore subject to the environment in which it is used.

* Each Dekriet Reed Thatch Panel Covers 2.5sq ft.

*Each Dekriet Reed Thatch Panel weights 10lbs.

*See Box Price Below*

*Discounts Available For 5 More Boxes*

1. $120.00------32" x 17" x 1" (6)
2. $210.00------32" x 17" x 1" (6)(fire retarded)
Common uses:
These natural Tiles have a multitude of applications from garden umbrellas, patio awnings, garden gazebos, roof treatments, wall treatments, ceiling treatments, fence covers, theme parks, golf courses or zoo projects.
Certified #1 in the Thatch Roof Industry

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