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Naturally distinct, our Fish Netting is lashed with 1/8" diameter Rope for easy installation. Large and small Fish Net mesh are differentiated by the diameter of the distinct square pattern on the net.

Small net square size is 1.5"-2"  Minimum order 3 nets

Large net square size is 2"-3"   Minimum order 3 nets

*See Price Per Net Below*

*Discounts Available For 10 More*


1. $22.50------4' x 9' Small
2. $24.50------4' x 9' Large
Common uses:
Excellent as barrier or handrail Nets for use in walkabout areas. Small Fish Mesh Netting is often hung on ceilings in bars and restaurants to provide an instant nautical theme.
Certified #1 in the Thatch Roof Industry

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