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Wallaba Poles

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Wallaba is a tall slender tree, which produces very straight, well formed poles.  It produces an attractive timber of great strength and durability that finds its main usage in poles, posts and shingles.

The Heartwood is a dull red-brown color.  The grain is straight, the texture somewhat coarse and luster is absent.

The timber is hard, heavy, stiff and strong. Durability is rated as very high. 

Sizes currently in stock are listed below.

Other sizes are special order and long lead items.

1. $75.00-----8' l x 5" dia
2. $90.00-----8' l x 6" dia
3. $130.00---12' l x 6" dia
Common uses:
Pilings, timber, wharf & industrial decking & flooring, railway sleepers, mine timbers, vat staves and structural members for bridges and buidlings, pole framing, fence post, guard rails and post theming.
Certified #1 in the Thatch Roof Industry

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