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Fire Retardant Treatments

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Renewable, eco-friendly building materials like Bamboo, Natural Mat and Boards and Thatch are susceptible to Fire.

Fire retardant is just that "a retardant" it is not for flame proofing, please check with your local fire marshal for fire codes in your area.

Fire X-238 Exterior was tested by U.S. Testing Company for a flame spread class of 40 for a flame spread rating of both Class "B" under ASTM E-84 standards.  Fire Retardant can be applied by spraying, dipping or rolling.

FireExtra-1000 interior treatment for natural fibers and interior wood including textile wall coverings and interior thatch. 

*See Prices Below*

*Discounts Available For 20 Gallons or More*

1. $73.00---------Exterior Fire 238 - 1 Gallon
2. $350.00-------Exterior Fire 238 - 5 Gallons
3. $3520.00-----Exterior Fire 238 - 55 Gallons
4. $65.00---------Interior Fireextra 1000 - 1 Gallon
Common uses:
Used for Thatched Roof applications, bamboo, natural mat and wall coverings.
Certified #1 in the Thatch Roof Industry

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