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Custom Rustic Eukie

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Eucalyptus Saligna is a strong timber with a wavy character and very pronounced nodes. A.C.E. Eukie Fences are constructed of random lengths of custom pickets that are drilled and secured with two horizontal timbers with steel-bar cores. 

*A minimum order 4 fences panels is required.*

*Prices below are per panel*

*Prices quoted CCA.

*If you need ACQ, please specify ACQ.

Long Lead Item

1. $311.04-----4' H X 8' L
2. $466.50-----6' H X 8' L
3. $622.00-----8' H X 8' L
Common uses:
Used as residential and commercial fencing, to line walkways and for crowd flow control.
Certified #1 in the Thatch Roof Industry

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