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What is the longevity of thatch?

The lifespan of thatch varies and is based on type of material, climate of install, overhanging trees, and angle of roof. With no maintenance required, Palm Thatch will last 5-7 years. On the other end, maintenance is needed for Grass Thatch to uphold 25-30 years, and Reed Thatch for 40-50 years.

Does thatch roofing leak in rainy weather conditions?

How does thatch hold in high winds?

Our A.C.E. Pros have built structures that withstood Category 5 hurricanes, including Hurricane Opal & Katrina.

Does thatch burn or susceptible to fire?

Like any other material, thatch is not fireproof. There are fire retardant treatments available, and you can contact us for additional details.

Does thatch attract rodents or insects?

Thatch is not a natural attractant to rodents or insects, however, pest control methods are recommended.

Does thatch require maintenance?

Thatch should be redressed, and we offer an array of maintenance services.

Will thatch installations require a skilled technician?

Yes, thatch is a craft and should be installed by an expert. To master the art of a seamless install can take many years, especially when installing Grass or Reed thatch.