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Quality that's Always Right on Time

Time is the name of the game when installing a Thatch Roof. After A.C.E. Thatch & Bamboo, Inc.'s Master Thatchers hand-select the roofing materials, they are transported in their truck to the jobsite. A.C.E. Thatch & Bamboo, Inc. utilizes only premium quality Thatch products, ensuring that every one of their projects reflect the highest standards of quality
Thatch craftsmanship. Their Thatchers are Artisans and take pride and pleasure in ensuring every A.C.E. Thatch & Bamboo, Inc.'s project is a work of art that will stand the test of time. Their obsession with quality, distinction and satisfaction means that your roof will be a finished work of art - on time and according to specifications.

An Example of Real World Installation

The Challenge

A prominent National History Museum in Florida asked A.C.E. Thatch & Bamboo, Inc. to design and build a 175' diameter Thatch Museum to match existing buildings found during archeological digs. When completed, the Museum would be the largest Palm Thatch structure in the United States. The Museum's opening date was fast approaching, so A.C.E. Thatch & Bamboo, Inc. had to find a way to fast track the design/build project.

The Solution

A.C.E. Thatch & Bamboo, Inc. used installation teams to install the roof quickly without sacrificing quality. Working in cooperative groups, 11 people installed more than 10,000 Palm Leaves a day on the roof project. In addition, another 30 people harvested materials from the 2 million acres that is exclusively accessed by A.C.E. Thatch & Bamboo, Inc. for Thatching materials.

The Result

The result was the completion of the largest Palm Thatch structure in the United States, composed of more than 200,000 Palm Leaves.

Certified #1 in the Thatch Roof Industry

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