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A.C.E. Thatch & Bamboo was formed from this centuries-old legacy of craftsmanship and expertise. A.C.E. stands for African, Caribbean and European. Our company acquires our high quality thatch and bamboo mainly from these areas of the world. A.C.E. Thatch & Bamboo was founded in 1973 by Valjawan Deer, who has more than thirty years of experience in the thatch and bamboo business.

Like all of the master thatchers at A.C.E. Thatch & Bamboo, Val learned this ancient craft over many years from his father and his father’s father. Val, who is the President and C.E.O. of A.C.E. Thatch & Bamboo, holds the very first license in the United States issued by the State of Florida Construction Licensing Board in traditional thatch construction and authored the requirements for the inspection of thatched roof and log construction adopted by Florida.

A.C.E. Thatch & Bamboo's scope of work includes log and pole construction in addition to the use of several types of thatching materials. They have built thousands of thatch and bamboo buildings, including structures for the television, motion picture, hotel, and resort industries. They’ve also done theme parks, celebrity homes and zoos across the world, including the world’s largest natural thatching project in the U.S. for an internationally acclaimed entertainment company in Orlando.

From the ancient legacy of thatching, as old as time itself, A.C.E. Thatch & Bamboo has evolved into the premiere thatch and bamboo builder in the world.

Certified #1 in the Thatch Roof Industry

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