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They Will Take Care of the Care and Maintenance

Like buildings, Thatch roofs and Bamboo structures require some maintenance to keep them from looking good and lasting long. With A.C.E. Thatch & Bamboo, Inc.'s professional maintenance, your Thatch and Bamboo products will last for decades. A.C.E. Thatch & Bamboo, Inc. offers comprehensive maintenance agreements on all of their products, which include annual or bi-annual site inspections. A.C.E. Thatch & Bamboo, Inc. will send one of their maintenance experts out to your site and check the following areas:

  • Foliage Maintenance– A.C.E. Thatch & Bamboo, Inc. will inspect all your structures to insure there is no overhanging foliage growing into or onto your Thatch roofs or buildings. Overlapping foliage can damage your structures.
  • Infestation– Like any building, normal pest control should be used to alleviate any bugs. They will inspect to make sure your structures are bug free.
  • Wind Damage– Although A.C.E. Thatch & Bamboo, Inc. structures have withstood hurricane-force gales, high-velocity winds can damage Thatch roofs. They will do visual inspections for any damage, as well as insure that no Thatch structure is in any danger of being hit by fallen tree limbs.
  • Erosion– Most water damage to Thatch roofs is caused by heavy flows of water cascading from one roof to another. This can cause premature deterioration of specific roofs areas. They will make sure that your roof Valleys and Gable ends are free from excess waterfall, as well as insure that your roof slope is sufficient enough to adequately deflect rainfall.
  • Fire Retardant– A.C.E. Thatch & Bamboo, Inc. offers complete Fire-Retardant service on all their products. Click here for more information.

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