Natural Beauty from Floor to Ceiling

From the most intricate Lattice and Molding to some of the most durable Wood Flooring on earth, Bamboo's natural beauty and hardness make it the perfect choice. A.C.E. has an array of unique Bamboo species that can help you create any tropical look you desire. Call A.C.E. and let them show you their exceptional line of Bamboo products.

The Best Care You Can Get

Bamboo Flooring
Perfect for stylish flooring in high-traffic areas of hotels and restaurants, as well as residential areas. 

Dekriet Reed Thatch Tile
These natural Tiles have a multitude of applications from garden umbrellas, patio awnings, garden gazebos, roof treatments, wall treatments, ceiling treatments, fence covers, theme parks, golf courses or zoo projects.

Ipe Hardwoord
Used for window dressings, props, restaurant and bar theming, as well as plant stakes for agricultural settings.

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