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At long last a synthetic product that gives the real thing some competition. Not only does SynThatch look good from the outside but for the very first time an artifical thatch can be installed without a sub-roof.

SynThatch is a leaf imprint attached to a rail that installs by nails or staples on existing battens or can be installed on a sub-roof. SynThatch measures 41"x 27" and is simple to install. It is waterproof, maintenance free, resists rot, decay and UV effects.

Three types of thatch are Regular SynThatch with no sub-roof needed, Fire Retardant SynThatch, and Deco SynThatch which can be applied to a sub-roof.

Accessories include: Hip 21.5" x 17.5", Valley 17.5" x 17.5", Custom Ridge & Windproof clips

Minimum order: Regular SynThatch 430 sq ft. 
Fire Retardant SynThatch 387 sq ft. 
Deco SynThatch 480 sq ft

The Best Care You Can Get

125 mph Wind Test, 12" W x 14" L    -- 30.5 cm x 35.5 cm

Non-flammable, washable, weather durable, easy installation

UL-94 VO Verticle Burn Test , ASTM G53 UV Test



1. 430 sq ft Regular SynThatch---------$2795.00
2. 387 sq ft Fire Retardant SynThatch --$5243.85
3. 480 sq ft Deco SynThatch------------$3120.00

4. Hip Pieces ----------$4.74
5. Valley Pieces--------$4.74
6. Roof Ridge ---------$3.38
7. Windproof Clip-----$0.15

Common Uses:

Used for structures at Theme Parks, Water Parks, gazebos or any project that requires durability with an authentic Thatch appearance.

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