|Natural Custom Thatch|

Timeless Classic Charm and a feeling of Ole World distinction, is what the Master Thatch Artisans of A.C.E. Thatch & Bamboo, Inc. can create for your project.

If you have always dreamed of a Cottage in the country, let their unique specialists bring the enchanting past of time, rich with history to your future vision for generations to enjoy.

The Best Care You Can Get

125 mph Wind Test, 12" W x 14" L -- 30.5 cm x 35.5 cm

Features: Non-flammable, washable, weather durable, easy installation

UL-94 VO Verticle Burn Test , ASTM G53 UV Test



1. 430 sq ft Regular SynThatch---------$2795.00
2. 387 sq ft Fire Retardant SynThatch --$5243.85
3. 480 sq ft Deco SynThatch------------$3120.00

4. Hip Pieces ----------$4.74
5. Valley Pieces--------$4.74
6. Roof Ridge ---------$3.38
7. Windproof Clip-----$0.15

Common Uses:

Used for structures at Theme Parks, Water Parks, gazebos or any project that requires durability with an authentic Thatch appearance.

The "E" in A.C.E. stands for European

A.C.E. Thatch & Bamboo, Inc. installs Custom Reed Thatch (Scientific Name: Phagmites Australis), which is installed in bundles, combed, packed and shaped all by hand to create that European Thatch appearance.

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