Construction Information - Thatch Roofs, Tiki Huts, and Bamboo Structures A.C.E. Thatch Product listing - Bamboo Poles - Bamboo Fencing - Fire Retardant Treatments - Hardwoods - Mats and Boards - Rope and Netting - Synthetic Materials - Thatch Tile, Rain Cape, Patio Umbrellas, Tiki Umbrella, Palm Thatch, Palm Umbrella and Thatch Umbrella About A.C.E. Thatch & Bamboo, Inc. European Thatch Information - The E in A.C.E. stands for European, A.C.E. Thatch &  Bamboo, Inc. installs Custom Reed Thatch (Scientific Name: Phagmites Australis), which is installed in bundles, combed, packed and shaped all by hand to create that European Thatch appearance. Caribbean Thatch Information - The C in A.C.E. stands for Caribbean, A.C.E. Thatch &  Bamboo, Inc. are specialists when it comes to providing a Custom Palm Thatch structure in the Caribbean or South Seas Polynesian styles. African Thatch Information - The A in A.C.E. stands for African, the Artisan Thatchers at A.C.E. Thatch &  Bamboo, Inc. have learned the art of African Thatching in Africa. They have lived and worked in Villages acquiring skills from their fathers who obtained their skill and technique from the preceding generations of skilled Thatchers.

Certified #1 in the Thatch Roof Industry
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